Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Anti-Austerity Alliance Part 2: Michael Hoexter: Naked Capitalism
Niel Barofsky's Book: Matt Stoller: Naked Capitalism
Nonsense Economics In Greece: Costas Lapavitsas: Real News
Ryan And The Irish Potato Famine: Bill Black: NEP
Black's history of English policy on Ireland in the famine sheds useful light on ECB core countries policies on Greece. So far the parallels are incomplete in that actual famine has not yet been induced, but it is getting very close.
The Euro Crisis Is An Ethnic Crisis: Nicholas Sambanis: NYT
Note that in Lapavitsas talk above he mentions that the only time Greece has been worse off has been as a result of war. Clauswitz said that war is the extension of politics by other means, but what we see here is warlike action thus far stripped of its physical violence: politics as an extension of war by other means.
115 Norfolk: Grzywinski + Pons Architects

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