Sunday, August 12, 2012


Our Fading Constitution: Tangerine Bolen: The Guardian
NC is on a tear today:
Mark Ames On Ayn Rand
Bill Black On Krugman's Sudden Discovery Of Fraud (only in the GOP though)
More Ryan Fest:
One of the few things I agree with Matt on these days:
Ignoring The Biggest Issue This Year: Matt Yglasias
The Same Point + From Kevin Drum
If Only Brad DeLong Et Al Held Dems To The Same Standard And
Ryan's Follies: Letsgetitdone: FireDogLake
Randian Posure: Joan Walsh: Salon
I've been wondering what the Dems could do to bring me in from the cold these last several quarters, really since Obama made it clear he intends to cut SS and Medicare in his next term, bless those GOP hearts, this Ryan thing has done it! Like comedians diligently searching for a new joke, the GOP assiduously seeks the greater evil. But I'll still be pulling the lever for Jill Stein.
Harold Street Residence: Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

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