Sunday, December 23, 2012


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Get your head around this Paul and you may actually become useful to the American People: the President self identifies with the Congressional leadership of both parties, the Elite, who have achieved what they have achieved these last 30 years by serving the interests of the super rich and been profoundly rewarded for it. Invisible Bond Vigilantes are the last available cover for screwing his own voters.
Democrats Are Republicans, But Only After Elections: Rob Urie: Counter Punch

Friday, December 21, 2012


Make no mistake, President Obama wants to find a way to cut Social Security and Medicare. This is not because he is evil and heartless but because he has spent his very successful career surrounded almost entirely by people who think this would be a good idea. He wants badly to do this because through the ideological prism of those he identifies with it is an unquestionably good idea. If it does not seem like an absolute good to you, you must accept that the President does not identify with you. If you think it is a bad idea, you might consider if the President has self identified with some bad folks and what incentives might exist to make that look like a good idea. The difference between money as a private claim and a public good might have something to do with it, and those he hangs with want desperately for it to be a private claim.

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