"But it occurred to me that – whether it's the triffids or Ebola, it's the way we look at it. We [usually look at the apocalypse] like, "Holy shit — I woke up this morning and the streets were full of three-legged walking poison plants! Nothing will ever be the same!" It's not like, "I woke up this morning and the ozone layer was slightly more tatty than it had been when I went to sleep." But we don't actually have to worry about the triffids – we have to worry about the ozone layer."
William Gibson

Shooting Ourselves
Case Deaton
Conventional Wisdom
Systemic Fragility
2017 Wild Fires
2018 Wild Fires
Ecosystem Failure
Plastic Oceans
I Need An Electromagnetic Pulse
Hothouse Earth
Political Things
Poison The Well
Stripping The Ecology

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