Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sausage Links

Google is trying to kill off old school bloggers by only allowing double spacing. Please accept our apologies for the vast wasted screen space and the excessive scrolling Google now insist on putting you through

Abolish Race: Inaya Iman: Spiked-Online                                          

The Edge Of Capitalism: Bill Fletcher: Monthly Review 

It's Deadly False History: Mapping Inequality: dsl.richmond

And Stolen Past: William Darity Jr: Bloomberg

Burning The West: LA Times

Intending Disaster: Thompson-Deveauz & Paine: FiveThirtyEight

Left Open: Peter Turchin: Cliodynamica

Billing The Vicitims: Blumenthal & Hudson: Naked Capitalism

Seeing It Coming: Adam Tooze: Foreign Policy

And The Winners Are: Gunnels Warren: Twitter

Stealing The New Way: Barry Linn: Harpers

Stealing The Old Way: Science Blog

Amongst The Ruins: Susan Zakin: Baffler

Globalization's Shadow: Greg Mabury: Consortium News

And It's Explosion: Firas El Echi: Twitter

Anti-Marxist Marxists: Editorial Committee: Class Unityy

Leading Horses To Water: Alyssa Meyers: Morning Consult

Worst Place To Raise A Family: Laura Begley Bloom: Forbes 

Blacklisted Truths: Andrew Dittmer: Naked Capitalism

Blank Stares: Patrick Armstrong: Russia Observer

To Start A War For: Yalensis: Awful Avalanche 

Into Decline: Timofei Bordachev: Valdai Discussion Club

Past Compulsions: Zachary Carabell: Foreign Policy

No Class Party: Michael Lind: Tablet

Baking In Failure: Ryan Cooper: The Week

Destroying Surveillance Capitalism: Cory Doctorow: Medium

Eviction Eruption: Gabriel Schivone: NYROB

The Toad To War: Caitlin Johnstone

Day Of Reckoning: O'Brien Kaissar: BloombergQuint

Innovating Starvation: Patti Waldmeir: Financial Times