Friday, January 29, 2016

Afghanistan Links

Obama has been playing footsie with the NeoCons since he got into the White House. It's my opinion that the current gambit in Afghanistan, such as it is, is dazzle camouflage to keep NeoCon eyes off the consolidation of the Iran deal.  The Iran deal is transformative and has already started seizmic shifts in the region. Afghanistan can and will never lead to any significant benefit for real American interests.

I believe, and time will tell, the Afghan policies discussed in these links are candy thrown to the MIC to placate it while consolidating in the Middle East a more realistic set of policies than we've seen since before the Carter Administration. These policies make space for the realities of apparently successful Russian intervention in Syria and the growing inability of our domestic propaganda apparatus to conceal the US/Saudi/Israeli/ISIS nexus. He has done this by simply saying "look over there!!!" A generational commitment by a lame duck President in an election year...

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