Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What Chinese Really Fear: Gerard Lemos 
Six Policy Mistakes: Niels Jensen: CreditWritedowns Unfortunately the author of this piece, in his mistake #4, sees no obligation by states for the survival of their populations. In his view social spending is nothing but bribery to voters whereas the reality is most recipients of public benefits don't vote, but as described in "Enclosing The Commons" are without recourse for survival in the absence of benefits. Similarly his #5 sees defrauding pensioners out of their retirement income, a real theft of property, as a solution to finance having raided the pension kitty.
The Great Labor Reset: Rick.Bookstaber.Com Another look at the world with people as simple abstractions. Interesting anyway.
Complex Regulations Do The Opposite Of What They Were Designed For: Yves Smith: NC
Kid University: Paredes Pedrosa Architects

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