Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Brooks Blames Everyone But the Folks Who Took All the Income for Income Inequality: Helaine Olen, Forbes
Not that TED Stravaganza: Do The Math
Original Sin: Multiplier Effect
Hayek's Penchant For Pinochet and Mises Musings On Mussolini: Lord Keynes
Ideology Sucks the Ground Dry in Texas (and its unfortunate neighbors): The Daily Impact
How Today's Capitalists Bring Bad Things To Life: Douglas K.Smith co Yves Smith
Biggest Theft In History, In The States It's Legal 'Cause Mostly Rich White Guys Do It: Foreclosure Fraud Schneiderman and his Magnificent 7 (or is it 10 now) will soon restore the rule of Law at their water cooler, there will be no lawlessness in the Attorney Generals Office (unless its in a conference room)!
Still Ain't No Criminals On Wall Street: Masaccio, Fire Dog Lake This is sarcasm, but then there's this bait and switch at the NYT: The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption: Eduardo Porter that loads up like Bill Black at a howitzer before the fold only to blast waffle and twaddle into the inner news space: our infallible government isn't prosecuting these things so things must be no worse than normal, right? I have a betting pool on whether the NYT will fold first or realize that corruption up and down the government and across the Fortune 500 might be a damn good way to draw readers: most of us aren't corrupt and are more than a bit peeved about it but the longer they (NYT) pretend there's nothing to see, the less point there is to read what so obviously does not correspond to the experience of most people.
Whom The Gods Would Destroy: A Fist Full Of Euros
Auckland Art Gallery, Toi O Tamaki & FJMT

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