Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Overly Dynamic Links

Control What You Can: Angela Nagle: American Affairs
With The {Power You Have: Pay Day Report
To Protect Socieyty: Chris Arnade: American Compass
From The Rotten Rich: Chris Arnade: American Compass
Stealing Your Home: Francesca Mari: NYROB
Stealing Your Job: Dmitrieva, Pickert, Tanzi & Sam: Bloomberg
Stealing Your Vote: Jennifer Cohn: WhoWhatWhy
Crushing The Weak: Lekha Chakraborty: Multiplier Effect
Crushing Hope: Robert Frank: Harpers
For A Return To Facism: Esha: Historicly
For Profit: Philip Mirowski: Jacobin

Confused By Race: Adolph Reed: NonSite
Leading To Atrocities: Smith & Wilson: JustSecurity
As Casual Practice: Matthew Dessem: Slate
Even For Their Own: Dana Taekema: CBC
And Persistant: Paul Manning: Twitter
Though Unnecessary: Peter Charles: Twitter
Until We Change: Caitlin Johnstone

Super Imperialism: Michael Hudson
Destroying The World: Judith Mernit: Capital & Main
Ransacking The Republic: Walter Shaub: NYROB
Looting The Land: Jessica Corbett: Common Dreams
Bemusing The Enemies: Timofei Bordachev: ValdaiClub
Baffling Friends: Hille, White, Riordan & Reed: FT
Picking Fights: Julian Ku: LawFare
Post Empire Prototype: Kate Maltby: NYROB
ATimofei Bordachev
The Rich Are Different: Blair Fix: SocArxiv
The Poor Revolting: Hawa Allan: The Baffler
The Experts Confusing: John Authers: Bloomberg
When They're Not Lying: Norton & Blumenthal: Grayzone
Which They Usually Are: Glenn Greenwald: The Intercept
Really: Arthur Bloom: The American Conservative
Visciously: Oborne & Hurst: Middle East Eye
And For A Long Time: Edward Curtain: Off Guardian
About The Most Important Things: David Talbot: Salon
Until It Falls Appart: Patrick Lawrence: Consortium News

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