Monday, July 23, 2018

Times Are Changing

There was a change to the constitutional order in 2000 when the Supreme Court made a sui generis decision in Bush vs Gore to install the Court's majority candidate, imposing the court between voters and their elected President. That change proved the necessary pre-condition for permanent war, "The War on Terror," which the new administration set about seeking a cause for by ignoring the outgoing administration's admonitions about major, impending Al Qaeda action. Which once delivered, delivered the new administration the AUMF it sought, an open ended authorization to use force at the President's discretion anywhere "terror" could rationalize.

In 2008 when that war had lost all legitimacy and the plutocracy that supported it was flat on it's back, the American people elected Barack Obama with, however fleeting, a filibuster proof majority in the Senate to restore the previous constitutional order. Instead, "looking forward, not back" he gave a free pass to the US tele-coms we had learned through Edward Snowden were illegally surveilling everyone. In so doing, he made the surveillance state legal. From the military and intelligence "communities" who lied us into war, failed at the wars they lied us into, tortured, surveilled and extrajudicially murdered, Obama held no one to account except the whistle blowers who made public the depravity of war as a video game and other evidence of incompetence and bad faith in the US government and its military. By failing to use the power he was given, he legitimized all the abuses he was elected to mend, again changing the constitutional order, this time placing abuses of power by the MIC & IC above the law.

Likewise, instead of arresting and indicting the financial executives who precipitated the Global Financial Crisis, Obama bailed them out, "foaming the runway" with individual debtors to keep the financial frauds from crashing. Charged with the power to fundamentally reform the system, Obama chose to institutionalize all its most dramatically failing policies using the full resources of the Federal Reserve and Treasure, the power of fiat money itself, to stuff collapsed balance sheets back into solvency. By not enforcing the law when investment bankers, private equity and hedge fund managers bet against their own clients, Obama legitimized all manner of financial scams. Having loaned over $29 trillion to save these institutions, the citizens of the United States were their rightful owners, but rather than cleaning up the rot, instead the President chose to use the equity and savings of citizens to pay off the loans and save the criminal cast of bankers. Lets be clear, "de-regulation" always meant "legalization of criminal activity" in finance. Again, a change to the constitutional order making senior executives in finance above the law. The constitution now no longer applies to the elite, only to little people. After this disgusting performance, is it any wonder that given the chance Americans again voted for "change"?

Now we are confronted again with an incipient shift in the constitutional order, former CIA director and torturer John Brennan called the President a "traitor." The sitting director of the CIA, Dan Coats took it upon himself to publicly grade the President's performance in Helsinki while the President's sitting Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, directly contradicted his boss's policy on Ukraine. FBI director, Christopher Wray is backing Robert Mueller in his investigation into his boss despite that aging investigation having as yet to net anything of significance. Trump is certainly corrupt, but if the FBI can't find evidence in over a year to tie that to Russia, while it may not exonerate Trump, it does raise questions about what the FBI is really up to.

I would personally love to see Trump out of office, but the "Trump/Russia" hysteria is already being weaponized to attack any progressive candidates legitimately to the left of Clinton, who herself is well to the right of Richard Nixon and lacking even his integrity. Like that moment when Obama didn't arrest the torturers and didn't arrest the bankers, we are at the moment when, if Trump doesn't at least fire his insubordinate hirelings, they will destroy him, and ironically with him the last connection to electoral democracy in the US Federal system of government, imposing the IC between voters and their elected representatives.

At this moment, like real freedom of speech and conscience, however repugnant, and Trump is certainly that, he must be defended for the form of the role he occupies. If he is to be removed from office, the evidence must be clear, available to everyone and produced through a legitimate process, none of which is currently in evidence. If the "intelligence community", which couldn't tell the wall was about to fall in Berlin, failed to act on the 9/11 plot, got Weapons of Mass Destruction completely wrong in Iraq and has precipitated both the European and Central American refugee crises with its interventions in Syria and Central America is to get veto rights on who can be President, as a nation we are committed to the suicidally self indulgent global policies of an insular elite that feels no obligation to tell anyone outside of itself anything about the real operations of American power and has thus far experienced no pain itself for an unbroken 40 year record of failure on all the most important issues.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Conspiracy Theories

Ron Unz has some well considered articles up on the Kennedy assassination. He sees Johnson as the likely culprit which a simple "cui bono" and Occam's Razor, on first blush, tends to support. But did Johnson really have the machinery at his disposal to execute on something like this, or was he just a willing opportunist who found himself in the right place at the right time?

Conservatives like Unz tend to see all the progressive portraits of John Kennedy as hagiography and discount the degree to which he may have internalized the jaded idealism of FDR in a "post colonial" ambition for America's post war foreign policy. If, on the other hand, you take the portraits painted by Bill Moyers or David Talbot of Kennedy's intentions in his very short Presidency, and compare them to those of our current president, in his second year in office, and compare the Kennedy they portray to the institutional biases Kennedy was up against, you might arrive at a different conclusion to "cui bono", and with that different suspects.

De Gualle for one saw the Kennedy assassination as a political statement by the imperial forces entrenching themselves across his career in US policy circles, he said so explicitly in his memories. Allan Dulles is my prime suspect, having motive, means and opportunity, in fact this kind of thing is exactly what he built his career on. Talbot's biography of him, "The Devil's Chess Board", lays out from the old spooks personal calendar the array of exotic criminals and hit men he met with in the months prior to the event. Including some interesting correspondence with Kennedy's Secretary of Treasury, the boss for Kennedy's personal security escort which failed so profoundly on that day in 1963.

Dulles was forcibly retired by Kennedy who had openly disagreed with the very colonial foreign policy Dulles, like his late brother J. F. Dulles, was deeply committed to. The Dulles brothers, before the war had arranged for US and German industrial secrets to be shared between the cross shareholders on boards of the likes of Union Carbide and AG Farben or Ford and Daimler, who were all clients the brothers represented at Sullivan and Cromwell. Truman considered Allan's activities in Switzerland, where he had tried to arrange a separate peace with the Nazis in a piece of monstrously ambitious insubordination to FDR's express policy of unconditional surrender, treasonous. It was the political intricacy of Dulles' embedment at the head of the CIA that prevented Truman from acting on this.

Further, Talbot catalogues the rather long standing and complex relationship of Lee Harvy Oswald to Allan Dulles and the prior use that had been made of him in thwarting Eisenhower's intent to thaw relations with Krushchev. The book is well worth the read. Suffice it to say that Allan Dulles was a past master of insubordination to Presidents, a master of conspiratorial organization and a serial assassin. If one takes the word of those closest to him, Kennedy had every intention of re-grounding Cold War US policy in FDR's anti-colonial, anti imperialist (he had fenced with both Churchill and DeGaul on this subject before and with Churchill after Yalta) vision.

Dulles was an unashamed American Imperialist and a Nazi sympathizer. He didn't share their racial hatreds, but certainly their sense of racial superiority. He facilitated the post war escape of many of the richest Nazis who in all likelihood funded Dulles secret operations up to and beyond the time he left the CIA at the young, soon to be dead Presidents discretion. Not only did he talk to Douglas Dillon, former investment banker and Secretary of Treasury immediately before and after the assassination, but he managed to place himself at the head of the Warren Commission investigating the crime. It was at about this time that the CIA spread the meme "conspiracy theorist" to denigrate anyone who might look to closely at this.