Exceptional America

This page is devoted to a periodic look at what has made America exceptional. There are many facets of the American experience that are normal to nation states across the world and across history. We will look periodically at such experiences here in the US and compare them to our better angles that held us, exceptionally, above what is normal for nation now and in the past.

Unexceptionalism: a Primer: E. L. Doctoror
A Cruel and Unusual Record: Jimmy Carter
Our Willingness to be Tricked: Matt Stoller
Why We Work Too Much: Yves Smith
Our Exceptional Secret Services: Mark Ames
I Am Sorry That It Has Come To This: Daniel Somers: Gawker
Washington Drives Toward World War: Paul Craig Roberts: BoilingFrogspost.com
Nixon, Johnson, Treason: Robert Parry: Consortium News
Negro Holocaust: Robert A. Gibson: Yale
29Trillion for Bankrupt Banks

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